World going app again


Those who know how world has been prior to web era, knows what we call applications and software or programs used to be desktop based or native applications. Count in all multimedia, productivity etc type of program/software for consumers and business applications in Windows, Mac or Linux machines.

Then came web revolution as we advanced to web 2.0 standard. Everyone were talking about web and building stuffs on web. Internet connectivity and bandwidth kept increasing and online HD video as well online gaming began to be common. Companies started writing online software and SAAS.  Even for consumer, more and more web apps kept coming.  It was generally believed that web is everything. People even used personal task management tool or personal finance tool that was on web. People were reading news online, watching videos, movies and TV online.

But But But.. Mobile is the new thing right ?

With iPhone boom post 2007, mobile apps became new phenomenon in computing world. Millions of mobile devices started being sold. Android made smartphones a reality for even common people in developing economies. Usage of mobile devices  suddenly rose to be significant to be compared to web usage which can be seen here and here. Mobile apps were becoming rage. Many individual mobile apps producing companies and startups  stood as tall as multi million dollar software enterprise.

Same people who were using web based tool for personal task and information management now started using some mobile app on their smartphone or tablet for those purposes. Same with watching videos or movies or reading news. People who were doing social networking online, now uses twitter and facebook mobile apps more than online version. Ask why ? the answer is “Experience”. The experience associated with mobile devices app is far better than even a web app cleverly built using  HTML 5 and fancy JS. Most web apps and SAAS now has their own or are thinking to building one.  “Experience” is one compelling reason.

Following are some advantages of mobile apps (May be more, but I am caring to mention these only):

  • UX is better on mobile devices. Count in touch experience and transition fx etc.
  • Data is persistent as its native app.  Interaction session is handled better.
  • Mobile apps are more snappier even if it has to connect to some web endpoint for data , as it need not to  load all UI part and HTML/css/js needed to render a web page.
  • Graphic has no limitation. You can leverage native OS capabilities rather than being limited HTML 5 (Yes HTML 5 can do lot but still limited compared to what native SDK can allow)

Billions of mobile devices will still be sold and as platform like Windows 8 taking mobile devices to next level of productivity and performance, more and more web app will be converted in mobile app and new apps will be introduced. And after all advancement in technology like cloud is as much relevant to mobile apps as it is to web apps.  So mobile apps are going to be what people use more than web apps.

The same world which went  web couple of year ago, is now going app. Although it would too early to say, after 2x or 10x advancement in web standards,   kinds of web apps could become possible that can give same level of experience as mobile app is giving right now and world  will start going web once again. ( are we talking Chrome OS ?)

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